Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Medical Examination

Hello guys!
I really had a busy day today. My recruiter in accenture called me this morning to instruct and remind me for my medical examination for my pre-employment requirement. She gave me a medical slip and told me to go to Manila Clinica to have my medical exam there.

I asked favor to friends - J.lo and Mylene if they can come with me in the clinic because I'm afraid to go alon :(... Lucky I am because they don't have classes and that they were able to be with me in the clinic. I was really scared when the nurse started to get sample blood from me. I really had teary eyes while doing the extraction of my blood...huhuhu... I'm really afraid of syringe! :(

After my medical exam, I immediately called my recruiter and tol her that I'm done with my medical exam. She then told me, that she will update me tomorrow or on monday for my job offer. weeee :)... so excited! at long last, I found a job! :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Right Way To Wash Your Hair

Right Way To Wash Your Hair

Today I will share to you some hair tips on whats the right way to wash our hair... :)
Always remember that individual strand of our hair no matter how thick our thin is very delicate. So we cannot just tug and pull at it, or else it would break. And we would not want to have a hair breakage... would we?... are the right ways in washing your hair:

1.) Comb the tangles out of the hair before you wet it so the hair would wash easily and the tangles would not worsen;

2.) Wet your hair thoroughly under the shower. Use either warm or cold water if you like, but for best results, wet your hair with warm water to open the scale-like cuticles of the hair and wash all the oil and dirt off.

3.) Rinse your hair under the shower to rid it of the leave-on conditioner or styling aids you have used previously, using gentle strokes of your fingertips.

4.) Pour a dollop of shampoo in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together, and then apply the shampoo to your scalp.

Take note that you should put the shampoo on your scalp and not at the ends of your hair, as the shampoo would dry your hair's ends and cause it to weaken and split.
Also, do not mix your hair all over your head as you shampoo because it will get all tangled up.

5.) Let the shampoo sit on for around a couple of minutes then rinse the hair completely after this.

6.) Squeeze the water out. Do not pull or tug at the hair because the hair is at its most delicate when it is soaked.

7.) Apply a dollop of conditioner. Apply it along the hairline, the nape and the ends of the hair. Pile your hair then inside a shower cap and let the conditioner stay there for around ten minutes.

8.) Rinse it off completely.

...Then were done... :) simple as that...

Always remember having great hair takes time and effort. And it is definitely worth it for a picture perfect hair... :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fashionable Umbrellas

Fashionable Umbrellas

I really like umbrellas but I don't think umbrellas like me because last 2008 I lost about 5 or more umbrellas... hehehe... my mother always scold me about that...
Anyways, this rainy seasons umbrellas are very in demand... not only on rainy seasons but also on sunny days. So for those who are planning to start a business, I would suggest that selling umbrella would be the right choice! :) hehehe...

To know more... the word umbrella is from the Latin word umbra, which in turn derives from the Ancient Greek ómbros (όμβρος) which means shade or shadow. An umbrella or parasol is a canopy designed to protect against precipitation or sunlight... the difference between umbrella and parasol is that parasol usually refers to an item designed to protect from the sun while umbrella refers to a device more suited to protect from rain.

As umbrellas evolve, it becomes more stylish, classy, and fashionable... :) like these umbrellas:

Bike Umbrella & Clear DomeUmbrella

Witch Umbrella & Squerella Umbrella

Colorful Pastel Drawing Umbrella and Siamese Twin Umbrella

Elegant and Flirty Umbrellas

so what can you say?... :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Correct your fashion mark this rainy season!

Another rainy day we have today... its always raining here in our place for more than a week... I went to school wearing thick jacket and an umbrella, the usual attire during rainy days...

...but what would really be the best or perfect outfit for rainy season to still look comfortable and your outfits will not be ruined by the downpour... :)

Its really tough to make a fashion statement in the rainy season... your look can go from 'wow' to 'whoa'!... But take in mind that there are still ways and means of staying chic and comfortable while protecting yourself from the wet weather!

I read from a magazine about the right outfit on wet season... :) And it says that fashion during the rainy seasons should never be full-length, it must be simple, fun, and funky...
Wearing full-length will bring you in trouble - you'll end up sweeping the mess off the footpaths and into your pants leg!

Instead, go the sane and sexy way!...

Elbow-length sleeves are both sensible for the monsoons,
and appropriate for a formal occasion.

Capris are the cutest, most sensible option in the rains,
but avoid white and light pastel pairs.

shirt-dresses in bright colours are appropriate for the monsoons.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What is Fashion?

Hi everyone! this is my first post in this blog :)... This blog will be all about life with fashion... personal style, life style, fashion tips, beauty tips, and the likes...

To begin, lets first define what fashion is... :)

For me Fashion refers to the styles and way of life. Fashion, by description, changes constantly. The changes may proceed more rapidly than in most other fields of human activity. Other people enjoy the diversity that changing fashion can apparently provide, seeing the constant change as a way to satisfy their desire to experience "new" and "interesting" things. At the same time there remains an equal or larger range designated 'out of fashion', which means these or similar fashions may cyclically come back 'into fashion' in due course, and remain 'in fashion' again for a while.

Every aspect of appearance that can be changed has been changed at some time, for example skirt lengths ranging from ankle to mini to so short that it barely covers anything, etc.

One of the most important part of fashion is the fashion journalism. Editorial critique and commentary can be found in magazines, newspapers, on television, fashion websites, social networks and in fashion blogs. Just like what this blog purpose for, to share new ideas and commentary about the latest about fashion and life.