Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Correct your fashion mark this rainy season!

Another rainy day we have today... its always raining here in our place for more than a week... I went to school wearing thick jacket and an umbrella, the usual attire during rainy days...

...but what would really be the best or perfect outfit for rainy season to still look comfortable and your outfits will not be ruined by the downpour... :)

Its really tough to make a fashion statement in the rainy season... your look can go from 'wow' to 'whoa'!... But take in mind that there are still ways and means of staying chic and comfortable while protecting yourself from the wet weather!

I read from a magazine about the right outfit on wet season... :) And it says that fashion during the rainy seasons should never be full-length, it must be simple, fun, and funky...
Wearing full-length will bring you in trouble - you'll end up sweeping the mess off the footpaths and into your pants leg!

Instead, go the sane and sexy way!...

Elbow-length sleeves are both sensible for the monsoons,
and appropriate for a formal occasion.

Capris are the cutest, most sensible option in the rains,
but avoid white and light pastel pairs.

shirt-dresses in bright colours are appropriate for the monsoons.