Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Medical Examination

Hello guys!
I really had a busy day today. My recruiter in accenture called me this morning to instruct and remind me for my medical examination for my pre-employment requirement. She gave me a medical slip and told me to go to Manila Clinica to have my medical exam there.

I asked favor to friends - J.lo and Mylene if they can come with me in the clinic because I'm afraid to go alon :(... Lucky I am because they don't have classes and that they were able to be with me in the clinic. I was really scared when the nurse started to get sample blood from me. I really had teary eyes while doing the extraction of my blood...huhuhu... I'm really afraid of syringe! :(

After my medical exam, I immediately called my recruiter and tol her that I'm done with my medical exam. She then told me, that she will update me tomorrow or on monday for my job offer. weeee :)... so excited! at long last, I found a job! :)